'The Love Boat's' Gavin MacLeod Says Theme Song Is About Jesus

Gavin MacLeod of ABC's classic sitcom "The Love Boat" has said that the theme song for the show was really about the love of Jesus Christ.

"If you listen to the lyrics, it's all about Jesus. It's a whole new approach to that song," MacLeod said in a radio interview with the American Family Association posted on Monday.

"It's really about, 'Come aboard, Jesus will take care of you. There's a new love waiting for you. A love that will never let you down."

The lyrics for the sitcom's theme song, which ran from 1977 to 1986, written by Paul Williams, begin: "Love, exciting and new / Come Aboard. We're expecting you. / Love, life's sweetest reward. / Let it flow, it floats back to you. / The Love Boat soon will be making another run / The Love Boat promises something for everyone."

MacLeod, 82, said that he came to faith in 1984, and recounted the personal experiences that led to his decision in his interview with AFA. The actor has been promoting his memoir, This is Your Captain Speaking, which chronicles his career and turn to faith.

"We have what you call a three fold marriage," MacLoed said in a Fox News interview about how Christianity helped his marriage with actress Patti Steele.

"You make a triangle with your hands and you can see Jesus is at the top and we're below. That's pretty solid. You're a threefold covenant. There's three people in this marriage. We've been through some difficult things physically but we're still here, stronger than ever and living for the Lord."

A press release for the memoir noted that MacLeod addresses a number of other interesting chapters from his life, including his encounters with stars such as Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Ronald Reagan; his battles with depression, alcoholism and near-suicide; his divorce from his first wife, then a second divorce and "miraculous" remarriage with Steele; as well as his retirement from commercial TV work and the Christ-centered focus of his life.

"My life has taken one incredible turn after another," writes MacLeod. "I've gotten to do what I wanted to do. I've been a captain! I've been given this incredible gift of life and now I want to use it to give back. That's why I'm sharing my story here, the fun parts and even some not-so-fun parts, in the hopes that maybe someone will take a nice walk down memory lane with me – and maybe I'll even give someone a little bit of hope."