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'The Real Housewives of Dallas' News: Brandi Redmond Might Be Leaving The Show

'The Real Housewives of Dallas' News: Brandi Redmond Might Be Leaving The Show

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"The Real Housewives of Dallas" is currently in the midst of season 2, but recent reports have revealed that star Brandi Redmond is thinking about leaving the show after some comments she made. Furthermore, co-star LeeAnne Locken opens up about the recent twists and turns that the fans are currently seeing on "The Real Housewives of Dallas" season 2.

According to reports, Redmond began thinking about leaving the set of "The Real Housewives of Dallas" after her husband expressed that he was not thrilled about having cameras follow him around for a reality TV show. After a long hiatus, the couple came to terms with their differences and eventually returned.

However, Redmond recently commented on the show that one of her daughters believe that some of the little people she would see around town are spying on her for Santa. Though Redmond joked about it, fans were furious enough because they believe that she might not be teaching her children the valuable lessons of life. They have begun to demand that she be taken off of "The Real Housewives of Dallas."

"Side note that a story was told that happened out of innocence and learning maybe I shouldn't share my family with the world," Redmond shared on Twitter. "I agree, get rid of us. We have much better things to do and talk about."

Furthermore, the recent reunion episode, which aired on Nov. 6 solidified that Redmond may never be able to form a connection with LeeAnne Locken.

"I'm really disappointed in the finale. I'm disappointed in how they made my engagement party because I tried so hard all season to bring us all together as a group, and I know not everybody could see that, but I really did try to bring us together and make us a cohesive group," Locken told E! News in an interview.

As to how everything will pan out, fans will have to wait and see. After all, the reunion episode has two parts. The second part is scheduled to air on "The Real Housewives of Dallas" on Nov. 13, and fans can watch everything happen on Bravo.


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