'The Voice' Contestant Impresses Pharrell Williams' With 'Happy', Then Sings 'Jesus Loves Me This I Know'

(Photo: Screengrab/YouTube/The Voice)The Voice contestant Brian Nhira singing "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.

By now everyone in the Western hemisphere that has Internet access has heard Pharrell Williams' hit song and viral sensation "Happy." But you might not have heard it like this.

In a blind audition for the singing competition "The Voice," contestant Brian Nhira wowed the judges and the audience with his performance of the song.

He hits the notes perfectly and gets the cheers of the audience and the respect of the judges, one of whom was Williams himself.

Brian also tells them his story, including his parents being from Zimbabwe and mentioned how the first song he ever sung was "Jesus Loves Me This I Know."

At the encouragement of the judges, Brian also performs the classic hymn and does so with some awesome soul.

Posted to YouTube by The Voice last week, Brian's amazing performance has already gotten more than 1.3 million views and 11,000+ likes.

YouTube/The Voice
The Voice 2016 Blind Audition - Brian Nhira: "Happy."