'They Just Came in and Shot Him;' Woman Claims Police Gunned Down Fiancé After She Dialed 911 for Medical Help

(Photo: Screen Grab via First Coast News)Jack Lamar Roberson, 43, was gunned down by police in Waycross, Ga.

Describing what happened to her fiancé, Jack Lamar Roberson, 43, as something like a "silent movie," a Waycross, Ga., woman said after she dialed 911 to get medical help for Roberson last Friday, cops simply "came in and shot him."

"He didn't have nothing in his hands at any time or period at all before they came, any time while they were here, anything. They just came in and shot him. He didn't say nothing, the police didn't say nothing, anything, and it was like a silent movie. You couldn't hear anything, all you could hear were the gun shots go off and I seen them going into his body and he just fell down," said Roberson's weeping fiancée, Alicia Herron, in a First Coast News Report.

First Coast News
Police gun down man who called for medical help

The distraught woman said she called 911 to get an ambulance for Roberson because she was concerned about some medication he had taken for his diabetes. Instead of the paramedics she was expecting to help Roberson, police officers showed up at the home she shared with her fiancé.

According to First Coast News, however, Waycross police say their meeting with Roberson was no "silent movie." They said they received a report of an attempted suicide at the couple's residence and while on their way to the scene, they were told the person had become combative.

Police Chief Tony Tanner explained that Roberson lunged at the officers with two items described as weapons and ignored requests to drop them. He then allegedly raised one of the weapons in an aggressive manner forcing officers to fire at him. The officers have since been placed on administrative leave.

The dead man's mother, Diane Roberson, said that account is a lie.

"If you're any type of man you'll come to me and you'll tell me why you stood up there and told a lie. Two knives, we don't own two decent knives," said Roberson.

"I saw my son go down with his hands up in the air, Lord Jesus, he had nothing in his hands, we don't even own a decent kitchen knife and they shot my baby down," she said in another report.

Mayor Clarence Billups indicated that sources had informed him that Roberson had threatened the officers with a knife.

The dead man leaves behind his mother, fiancée, sisters and two daughters.

"It's pain, it's a mother's pain, her first born to be shot down in her face. My granddaughters' got to have intense therapy," said Diane Roberson.

"Last night I was up all night waiting for him to come in. I listened for him all night long. He didn't get up this morning to make my coffee and kiss me and tell me 'momma I love you,'" she noted in another report.

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