This Museum's 3D Optical Illusion Artwork Will Blow Your Mind

(Photo: Screengrab/YouTube/Evan Davis)A 3D art piece called "Superduperperspective", by Patrick Hughes and featured at the Birmingham Art Gallery.

Museums often have works of art that challenge your perceptions, enrich your cultural life, or educate you on past eras. One museum however has an artwork that will blow your mind.

The Birmingham Art Gallery has displayed a piece of 3D art that is known officially as the "Superduperperspective."

Why such a crazy name? Because the art work is very crazy. The piece features a series of smaller paintings that, as a person walks by it, seems to change in shape and form.

The art is three dimensional, with three shapes protruding outwards. But as a person walks to face it directly, the whole thing changes into a two-dimensional image.

Confused? Well how about you check out the video below and see which ten-thousand-word image for yourself.

YouTube/Evan Davis
Museum Has Mind-Blowing Optical Illusion.