Tim Tebow Supporters Explain His 'Miraculous' Play

Tim Tebow has become a viral name and a stand out Christian character in recent months and most people are wondering, "Is Tim Tebow lucky or is God on his side?"

Tebow has become an inspirational leader for his Denver Broncos as he has rallied the team back from the brink of failure countless times each week. Even more inspirational is his persistence to give God the glory at every opportunity possible.

However, Tebow has been under fire by fellow NFL players and football commentators for speaking out too much about his faith. Regardless, these comments have not faltered Tebow’s unyielding faith.

He stated, "If you're married and you have a wife and you really love your wife, is it good enough to only say to your wife 'I love her' the day you get married? Or should you tell her every single day when you wake up and every opportunity?"

"So any time I get an opportunity to tell Him that I love Him or given an opportunity to shout Him out on national TV, I'm gonna take that opportunity," Tebow explained.

Jake Plummer, former quarterback of the Broncos, said in an interview with 910-AM in Phoenix, “I wish he’d just shut up after a game and go hug his teammates,” Plummer said. “I think that when he accepts the fact that we know that he loves Jesus Christ then I think I’ll like him a little better. I don’t hate him because of that, I just would rather not have to hear that every time he takes a good snap or makes a good handoff.”

However, many feel he should focus more on his play because of the lack of support he gets from his own team president, Hall of Famer John Elway.

With that being said, the football player is an anomaly to most and a miracle to some as it is truly difficult to fathom how Tebow comes back from the impossible every week, after seemingly not showing up to play the first three quarters.

Christian Post readers were asked about their feelings on Tim Tebow and whether he was lucky or had God on his side?

"I would say neither. There are Christians on the other teams he's beaten as well (example: the prayer circle with members from both teams that he and Brian Dawkins led after the Broncos/Jets game)," Christopher Mandala said. "However, the unwavering strength of his BELIEF in God allows him to overcome obstacles. His realization of the more important things in life allow him to not be distracted or affected by pressure or offended by Fans, opponents, naysayers etc."

Singer Jon Comis used 1 Corinthians 15:10 as his source of faith toward Tebow. "But by the grace of God I am what I am: and His grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I laboured more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me," he stated.

Comis continued, "Clearly we read that children of God are blessed not because of their own doings, but only by God's. I say this...As children of God we ought to give God glory for every good thing because it is His goodness that gives us blessing and success. Tebow is not lucky - he is blessed."

"I think Tim Tebow is an amazing player. He's done everything everyone said he couldn't. He one of the strongest willed players out there. He's not lucky he's determined and it got him so far," remarked Angie Kusha. "His faith shows me he's modest. He's not driven by fame and all of the pressure."

Steven Fiorentino added, "I've been on Tebow's side from the beginning and its amazing that when he first came into the league alot of people were challenging his faith and making a big deal out of it which scares me. He's chosen to walk with God 1st and be a football player 2nd."

However, Photographer Matt Ryan thinks people are focusing too much on Tebow's faith and not enough on football. " But are these close wins divine intervention? Maybe, but I don't like how they're only focusing on his faith and not the faiths of the rest of the team, or the competence of the other key players," he said. "You can't ignore leadership, teamwork, and the other players' faith and talents."