'Timeless' Season 2 Spoilers: Will Lucy Warn Wyatt about Riittenhouse's Plans?

Facebook/NBCTimelessLucy chooses a side in "Timeless" season 2.

Lucy (Abigail Spencer) is going to be the deciding factor on whether Team Time will successfully take down the Rittenhouse in the next installment of "Timeless."

In a July interview with TVLine, series creators Eric Kripke teased that season 2 would be one massive fight over the time machine. In the last finale, the Rittenhouse managed to steal the contraption from Flynn (Goran Višnjić). It was revealed that Emma (Annie Wersching) was a member of the organization and that she was sent to trick Flynn into handing over the time machine. Lucy's mother, Carol (Susanna Thompson), also exposed the truth about the Preston family. She told Lucy that she would be the next head of the clan, effectively curtailing her involvement with Wyatt (Matt Lanter) and the others.

"Lucy's mom is going to be one of the major Big Bads," Kripke previewed. "And Rittenhouse does have their hands on the time machine. That's way worse than Garcia having his hands on the time machine. Garcia and the [time] team find themselves facing a common enemy, [so don't be surprised if they're forced into a] messy, fraught team-up."

Viewers are looking forward to knowing where Lucy's loyalty will lie in season 2. She will be choosing between her family and friends, and it will not be an easy ordeal for her. Spoilers indicate that her connection with Wyatt will push her to help Team Time even though it means putting her entire family in danger. Meanwhile, the Rittenhouse will surely retaliate. They will go after the group members one by one, starting with the easiest targets. Speculations are rife that it is going to be Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) and Jiya (Claudia Doumit) first.

NBC has not yet released any updates about "Timeless" season 2, but the show is expected to return in 2018.