'Toe Suck Fairy' Michael Wyatt Arrested for Harassment

The "toe suck fairy," Michael Wyatt of Arkansas, was sentenced to one year in prison Wednesday for breaking the terms of his 2011 sentence, which stipulated that he stop harassing women over their feet.

Nicknamed the "toe suck fairy" for fondling and sucking a woman's toe at a Conway, Arkansas clothing store a decade ago, Wyatt was at it again in May, when he hounded two more women about their feet. In this case, a security camera caught the 51-year-old man asking the unnamed women if he could suck and massage their feet in a Cabot, Arkansas grocery store.

After being arrested for the incident, a Faulkner County District Court determined he should be imprisoned for the time being.

"The alleged Toe Sucker is now in custody," Conway Police Department spokeswoman LaTresha Woodruff emailed to the Huffington Post. "Two women picked him from a photo line-up as the man who approached them in local stores commenting on their feet and asking to suck their toes."

Before the toe suck fairy bothered the two women at the grocery store, he allegedly grabbed another elderly woman sitting outside her apartment and forcefully sucked her toes, reported The Arkansas Democrat and Gazette. After hearing her complaints, the other two women decided to help police, and picked him out of a line-up.

Wyatt's obsession with feet has led him to do some strange and disturbing crimes throughout the 1990s. A year after impersonating a podiatrist to suck a woman's toes, he told a convenience store clerk that he wanted to cut off her feet and suck the toes while she bled to death.

Despite a year in prison and therapy for the incidents, the toe suck fairy's odd fixation would not be deterred. In 1999, he showed a north Arkansas woman pictures of other, footless women, and offered to cut off the woman's feet there in the WalMart.

The well-documented incidents led police to find him after a two-week search. His hearing is in September.