Tom Cruise Swatted: Actor Targeted in 911 Swatting Emergency Hoax (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters/ Stefan Wermuth)Tom Cruise is enjoying being back on top at the North American box office with Mission:Impossible - Ghost Protocol.

Tom Cruise was swatted in a fake 911 call, becoming the latest celebrity to be the victim of such a prank, after Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher were also the targets of such pranks recently.

According to reports, a 911 call was placed with the Beverly Hills police saying that an armed robbery was in progress at the Hollywood actor's home in California. Police were immediately dispatched to the residence to deal with the reported emergency. However, when they arrived at Cruise's mansion they quickly discovered that the reports were false and that Cruise had been the victim of what some have called "swatting."

Swatting is when a call is placed to 911 reporting a completely made up crime that results in a SWAT Team being dispatched to the reported scene of the crime.

In previous swatting pranks Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Charlie Sheen have all been the targets of such swatting pranks.

In the latest swatting, Cruise and his family were not at home when police arrived, but his private security staff were on the scene.

Although authorities were assured nothing was going on, they were prudent and had to check out the scene by conducting a full search of the property. Once they had carried out their thorough search they confirmed there was no emergency and that the 911 call was a hoax. They left the residence, following a considerable waste of emergency services' time, as well as what is a waste of public finances.

According to celebrity website Gawker, a 12 year old was arrested in December after using a computer program to create fake accounts to make TTY calls to police to report several false emergencies.

As a result of that young boy's hoaxes, Bieber and Kutcher were sent police presences to respond to alleged emergencies taking place at their homes. Local businesses in LA were also targeted.

As of yet there has not been any reports about who may behind the latest swatting hoax targeting Tom Cruise.

Here is a video report on the Tom Cruise swatting incident: