Christian Clothing Maker: Spread Christ Without Speaking

Tools for Christ, Christian Company, Aims to Spread Gospel on Clothing

Corey Alderin is one of the co-founders of Tools for Christ, which offers Christian clothing and accessories for believers of all ages. Alderin spoke with The Christian Post about how Tools for Christ came about and the significance of its importance in today's society.

The Christian Post: How did Tools for Christ come about?

Alderin: It was an idea that God planted in my head as I was driving through some horrible Chicago traffic. But the idea came about as I was thinking through some ways to be able to share my faith and spread the message of Jesus in a way that works even when you are not speaking. I wish I would have started working on the Tools for Christ brand when I first had the idea, but I let it stay just an idea for a while.

Months later when I started doing some research and looking at other Christian shirts, I realized that there were very few designs that I would personally wear. Most of the shirts I had no problem with, they just were not my style (and since starting Tools for Christ I have heard others say the same thing). That is what really got me started putting more effort and time into creating this brand.

CP: What role does your faith play in your everyday work?

Alderin: My faith is the whole reason I started Tools for Christ and is the driving force behind what I do every day. Providing original shirts to Christians is the product that I sell, but the ultimate goal is to get the message of Jesus into the world as much as possible. The more that people see the message, the better. Just starting Tools for Christ took faith in God as well. Starting any business can be risky and very time consuming. But I have faith that God has a plan for me and the business and that He will use the business for the greater good, whether it is a financial success or not.

CP: Where do you get the messages and ideas for your shirts?

Alderin: The ideas come to me at various times, doing just about anything. So I make sure I have something to write down the ideas whenever I can. My memory can be bad at times, so if I do not write it down, I will forget it. The ideas can come to me while driving, listening to the radio, at church, in my Bible study group, watching TV, or really just about anywhere. I have some great friends as well that have given me inspiration, or even given me some great ideas.

CP: Do you see a need for quality Christian clothing in today's culture/society?

Alderin: Yes, absolutely. This is one of the reasons I started Tools for Christ. I truly believe that wearing a shirt with a Christian message can be an extremely impactful way to spread the message of Jesus. You are a walking billboard. In today's culture, everyone is so busy. There are so many things to do in a day. And even though all Christians are called to spread the message of Jesus, it's very easy to forget about this or find time to be proactive about it. The great thing about Christian t-shirts is that you are sharing the message even when you are busy.

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