Tragic Car Accident Kills 3 Sorority Sisters: Police Recording Revealed (VIDEO)

Footage capturing the moments before a car accident that killed three sorority sisters has been released to the public almost a week after the tragedy.

The police video reveals the desperate chase to stop the wrong-way driver seconds before the deadly collision, which killed four people.

Five Bowling Green students aged from 19-21 were headed toward the Detroit airport when a driver headed in the wrong directed collided with their car head last week Friday.

Rebekah Blakkolb, Christina Goyett, and Sarah Hammond were killed, as well as the other driver, 69-year-old Winifred D. Lein.

The footage from the dashboard camera was released by State Highway Patrol on Thursday. The video reveals the four-lane highway, and the moment when the trooper's car swerved into the other lane to avoid a driver going in the wrong direction.

Immediately, the trooper slowed down and pulled and U-turn to stop the wrong-way driver, but he did not catch up in time. Within seconds, the video reveals an upside-down car lying in the middle of the road after having been involved in a crash.

"Bowling Green, give me a squad," is audible in the video as the trooper surveys the tragic accident.

Two of the five students in one car survived the crash. It was later revealed that a total of sixteen Alpha Xi Delta members were traveling in three cars to the airport ahead of their spring break to the Domincan Republic.

Minutes after the collision, the video also reveals an unidentified sister saying, "Sir, what can we do to help? They were with us. Those are our sisters. We were all on our spring break."

The first two cars carrying the sisters had swerved to avoid the wrong-way car.

Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn said, "I don't think the college girls ever saw it coming, nothing they could have done to avoid the crash," according to AZ Central.

Students at Bowling Green have delivered flowers to the Alpha Xi Delta house on campus, while members of the sorority are not speaking to reporters.

" I can't imagine what [the sisters] must be going through," Paige Winters, an alum of Alpha Xi Delta's Iota Chapter at West Virginia University, told The Christian Post. "My deepest condolences go out to them."

The tragedy Friday occurred only five days after three Bowling Green students were shot and killed while two others were wounded at Chardon High School East of Cleveland on Monday. A 17-year-old has been charged with the devastating crime.