Travis Alexander Predicted Death at Hands of Jodi Arias, Friends Say

Did Travis Alexander predict his death at the hands of Tori Arias? Friends say Alexander often described the unusual behavior of Arias and once made the eerie prediction he would soon be found dead. Arias has been charged with Alexander's murder and is currently on trial in Arizona.

"Travis came over to our house at least every week, we had family dinners and we would always ask him about, how's his love life, who he's dating, and recently, at that time, he had decided to leave Jodi and explained that next day he was going to leave in his car and his tires were slashed," Dr. Karl Hiatt said on HLN.

"And the Sunday after that, he told us about it and said, 'Don't be surprised if one of these Sundays, I don't show up and you find me dead someplace.' And we all just thought, wow, she really must be mad. And he said, 'I'm serious.' And we said, 'we go it,'" Hiatt explained.

Alexander was found dead in his home after taking a shower. Autopsy results showed that he had been stabbed 27 times, shot in the head, and had his throat slit. Pictures were taken at the scene of the crime, and Arias is believed to have killed Alexander before going to stay with a new boyfriend.

Friends have maintained that the relationship between Alexander and Arias was tumultuous, with Alexander trying to distance himself from Arias to no avail. She has maintained her innocence and is pleading self-defense in the trial.

"Jodi wasn't a part of that transition," Hiatt said. He explained that Alexander was trying to better his life and focus more on his religious practice. "Looking back, he really did have some fear in trying to depart from her."

Arias' trial has become a media sensation not seen since the Casey Anthony trial. If found guilty of murder, Arias could face the death penalty. The trial resumes today in Arizona.