Trent Richardson or Andrew Luck to Win 2011 Heisman Trophy?

December marks the opportunity for another college football player to be awarded the coveted Heisman Trophy, and it seems all eyes are on Alabama’s Trent Richardson or Stanford’s Andrew Luck to receive top honors.

The Heisman Trophy represents the best college football player of the year. In an ESPN poll, 3,570 people voted Richardson, an Alabama junior running back, to the top of their list.

Richardson has had experience playing with another former Heisman winner, Mark Ingram, for two years. In three years, his team record is 35-2 and has broken out as a starter this year.

The 5’11, 225-pound junior RB scored 23 touchdowns as a starter with 1,583 yards. The Alabama MVP is paving the way for the BCS National Championship Game and has gained even more attention after recently rushing 204 yards against Auburn.

Although Richardson is the top ranked on ESPN and USA Today fan polls, he has competition for the Heisman. Andrew Luck, Stanford QB, is ranked second for the Heisman Trophy favorite in the ESPN and USA Today fan polls.

Luck received 1,634 votes in the ESPN poll, and impressed fans after throwing four touchdown passes against Notre Dame. In the USA Today fan poll, he is only trailing Richardson by two points.

With Luck as the starting QB, Stanford has been able to win 31 games in three years and has won more games than any other QB at the university. Luck’s head coach, David Shaw, thinks his QB is the best contender for the Heisman.

"Andrew Luck is the best player in the nation," Shaw stated in ESPN reports. "He's the only guy I've seen that has everything. Mobility, intellect, leadership, toughness, arm strength, quick release, decisive, scrambles, great in the pocket and out of the pocket.”