True Blood Season 5 Premiere Sets Social Media Record - 234K Tweets

Popular vampire series True Blood has returned for Season 5, and fans who were eagerly awaiting the first episode have gotten more excited. The first show of the new series, titled True Blood episode 5.01 Turn! Turn! Turn!, has been aired and has fans speaking.

In the first episode Sookie and Alcide are seen together talking about the return of Russell. Alcide is saying that he wants to keep Snookie safe from Russell, who is on the hunt for main character Snookie.

Denis O'Hare spoke about what fans could expect from his character over the coming season, and explained who brought him back. According to TV Edge O'Hare has said, "It's somebody who nobody knows yet. It's a surprising character. And I think you get a hint in episode two, and then a big hint in episode five."

O'Hare added, "He's still vicious, he's still dangerous, he's still highly charming, but they added all this stuff to him. We get to see him fall in love!"

It has also been reported that the anticipation for the new series to kick off is hitting fever pitch on social media and social networking sites. New True Blood episode, "Turn! Turn! Turn!", was the most talked about premiere on premium cable TV ever.

Twitter alone generated 234,374 tweets while Facebook boasts 7,476 comments total, according to Mashable.