'True Detective Spoilers:' Writer Confirms that Episode 8 Will Not Try to Outsmart Audience

"True Detective" episode 8 will finally air on Sunday and writer Nic Pizzolatto promises that the conclusion will not insult the audience by jumping the shark with the Yellow King mystery.

He recently spoke to the Daily Beast regarding the hit series that stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as detectives Rust Cohle and Marty Hart.

"The show's not trying to outsmart you," said Pizzolatto who claims that he's been spoonfeeding the answer to the murder mystery to viewers since the first episode. "I've enjoyed reading people theorize about what's going to happen because it's a sign that you're connecting. But I'm also sort of surprised by how far afield they're getting. Like, why do you think we're tricking you? It's because you've been abused as an audience for more than 20 years."

"I cannot think of anything more insulting as an audience than to go through eight weeks, eight hours with these people, and then to be told it was a lie- that what you were seeing wasn't really happening," he continued.

The writer also stated that the first episode basically tells viewers 85 percent of the story. Viewers predicting that either Cohle or Hart are the killer should re-think it, according to Pizzolatto.

New pictures that could act as "True Detective" spoilers for episode 8 were leaked on Instragram by the show's crew last week.

They released 7 pictures all-together that show some things that we have seen already and others that we are looking at for the first time. See them here.

The pictures leaked include an abandoned barn, the Light of the Way Christian School seen in past episodes, a skeleton found in a house, a giant doll shrine and an altar of bones. The images point to a really creepy ending for the series that could involve child sacrifice within the occult.