Turning Off the TV

The television commercial makes it sound like quite a payday: up to $10,000 in a day! Sound tempting? Well, you probably won't see the interest rate in tiny print that flashes on the screen for less than a second. Nor will you be aware that this company charges interests rates ranging from 139.22% to 194.70%. Imagine that, up to 200% interest, and all that money could be yours today. Good luck paying off that loan!

A similar thing happens with temptation and sin. It flashes before us with its appeal and its promises. But the fine print is easy to miss. Adam and Eve missed it, and the "interest rate" in their case was a whopper. King David came to find out how high the interest rate is on sin. Judas had 30 pieces of silver flash before his eyes, and he took the deal. But it cost him so much more than he ever anticipated.

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