TV Weatherman Shot by Crossbow Thanks Fans for Support

A news station weatherman in Tennessee was attacked by a former roommate with a crossbow after he was forced out of the dwellings the pair shared.

Gerald Taylor, 53, allegedly broke into the house that was once shared with WJHL's meteorologist Rob Williams on Monday morning and reportedly shot Williams in the chest with a crossbow. Taylor is also suspected of firing one round from a handgun that missed Williams, according to Johnson City police.

When police arrived, Williams explained that he knew the person responsible and that he had fled on foot. After a short search, police located Taylor and took him into police custody. Police stated that they found Taylor on a boat deck behind the residence and after a brief stand-off, he was arrested.

"Mr. Taylor was found to have a pistol in his hand when approached by officers and after a brief stand-off, and being tased by officers, he was taken into custody without further incident," a police official said in a statement.

Williams was forced to serve Taylor with an order of protection back on May 29 after repeated instances of harassment including reports that Taylor vandalized his car, slashed his tires, stole various items and had previously threatened to kill him.

According to Johnson City Police, the court order forced Taylor to vacate the residence immediately. It was not immediately clear what led to the fallout between the former roommates.

Williams is currently recovering at a local hospital and while he hopes to return to work soon he is thankful for the support that he has been given.

"I am working with police as they continue their investigation into this matter. I'm looking forward to returning on air very soon," Williams said in a statement issued to WJHL.

Taylor faces charges of attempted first degree murder, aggravated burglary and violation of an order of protection.