'Twilight' Actor Jackson Rathbone Expecting First Child

"Twilight" actor Jackson Rathbone is expecting his very first child along with his girlfriend, Sheila Hafsadi.

It is unknown if Jackson Rathbone is expecting a boy or a girl for his firstborn, but his representative confirmed the news to Us Weekly recently, although the couple has been keeping the news to themselves for quite some time.

"[They're] thrilled and excited to be expecting their first child," the rep divulged.

Rathbone, 27, and Hafsadi, 24, should become first-time parents fairly soon. Hafsadi, who is a burlesque dancer by profession, has been pregnant for almost five months, although few had caught on, possibly because of her dancing and exercise.

Rathbone, who is an actor and a musician- he toured with his own band, 100 Monkeys, throughout much of 2011- met his soon-to-be baby mama while working with the band. The group's funk music is apparently inspired by "drinking, the devil, death, and women who cheat and steal," according to their website.

Now that the budding star is about to be a father this summer, though, he shows some semblance of changing.

The actor has traded in two of his vehicles for a safer Lexus hybrid SUV, according to reports.

The news of Rathbone and Hafsadi's pregnancy comes amid a slew of rumors concerning celebrities and childbirth.

Actress Jennifer Aniston was rumored to be pregnant recently, but those reports were dashed when onlookers spotted her enjoying an alcoholic beverage with Jason Bateman and his expectant wife.

Snooki, too, was subject to the same rumors, but took the comments a completely different way.

"Why are people calling me fat?" she asked a TMZ videographer, responding to the baby reports. In the face of the "Jersey Shore" star trying her best to lose weight, Snooki was offended. "That's so rude!"

There have also been reports of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt having their seventh and eighth child to become a family of 10. Gossip about Jolie's alleged twin pregnancy has not been publicly denied, however.