Two-Faced Cat Enters Guinness World Records (VIDEOS)

A two-faced cat with two names just received a special gift for his 12th birthday by being entered into the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest living janus cat.

The term "janus" refers to the Roman deity Janus who had two faces.

The cat, named Frank and Louie by his owner Marty Stevens, is even more remarkable because felines born with such congenital abnormalities often do not survive, reports The Telegraph.

Stevens rescued the two-faced cat while working at Tufts Veterinary Medical School, where he was brought to be euthanized due to his condition.

Frank/Louie starred in an Animal Planet special in 2008, but many cat loving groups saw the special as a freak show, making a spectacle out of the feline's condition.

“It tries to sensationalize the Janus condition as freakishness, and did to treat this cat respectfully,” said the Life with Cats website.

Frank/Louie has three eyes, two noses and two mouths, Stevens says that he lives the regular life of a loved cat, with one brain, one stomach, and one heart.

“He doesn’t know he’s any different. He thinks he’s a normal cat,” said Stevens.

One in a million cats are born with this disorder. 

Frank/Louie is not the only animal to be born, and live, with such an abnormality. After watching Frank/Louie's story, take a look at some of other amazing two-faced animals.

Frank and Louie, the Two-faced Cat:

A Snake With Two Heads:

This video was published in 2009 with this description on YouTube: "A two-headed Red Tail Boa was born last week at the Reptile Room in Hayward, Calif. Owner Aaron Dickey says the chances of this snake being born are one in a million and has an offer of $7,500 for the reptile.

Two-Headed Turtle Found in Turkey:

This video of a two-headed baby turtle was uploaded onto YouTube in 2006.