University of Arizona Campus Preacher, Brother Dean, Says Women Wearing Yoga Pants 'Partially Responsible' for Rape (VIDEO)

(Photo: Facebook/Dean Saxton)University of Arizona student preacher, Brother Dean Saxton.

A young student campus preacher at the University of Arizona who sparked controversy and an online petition to get him booted from the school last year for saying immodestly dressed women "deserve rape" defended his position in a recent interview that there are "certain qualities" that attract sexual assault.

"I believe that there are certain qualities that may be worthy of rape. If a woman dresses provocatively, gets blackout drunk and is wearing really revealing clothing then I would say that she is partially responsible for the rape," said the student, Dean Saxton, popularly known on campus as Brother Dean in a Vice interview.

In the video interview, Brother Dean is shown clashing with fellow students over culturally controversial subjects. He rails against masturbation, yoga, pants and feminism.

"Give up your immodest clothing. You need to stop being a camel toe. You need to stop masturbating. Yoga pants are sin," he bellowed to students through a bullhorn.

"With what I do and what I believe as a Christian, a lot of people would think I'm a homophobe, racist, bigot and all manner of other names that they have probably come up with," explained Brother Dean.

"It's not Ok to be gay. It's not ok to be a homo. God didn't design you that way. God says it's a big no, no," he continued. "I believe that feminism is hurtful to society…Ephesians 5:22 says 'wives, submit unto your husbands.' Feminism seems to try to defy that," he said.

(Photo: Facebook/Dean Saxton)Brother Dean Saxton.

Students offended by Brother Dean's views have protested against his rhetoric in a petition but the university says he has a right to free speech.

"I agree with freedom of speech, but targeting specific groups of women and men on a daily basis make this hate speech," said Jessica Juarez from Texas. "I think it is ridiculous that he has been allowed to continue with all of this for so long. He is constantly causing disruptions, which is why people are getting in such an uproar."

Kathy Riester, associate dean of students and First Amendment officer at the University of Arizona, says Brother Dean has been attacked on several occasions because of his preaching and they have worked to ensure that he is safe.

"There are times when I will get a call and I'll go out there and we have to call the police for his safety," said Riester.

"I think he has a lot of conviction behind what he's saying. Some of it may be for show as well and attention but I think he believes a lot of what he's talking about. I don't think he could stand out there and do what he's doing if he didn't believe it," said Riester.

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