US Uniforms Unpopular in Parade of Nations at Olympics Opening Ceremony (PHOTOS)

(Photo: shared online an image of Team USA entering the Olympics Stadium, tweeting: "Team USA is rolling deep at the #Olympics. 529 athletes, one goal: gold."

 After three hours, U.S. viewers finally watched Team USA's athletes march into the Olympics stadium in London during the Opening Ceremony Friday night.

Some viewers were apparently annoyed to have to wait three hours to watch their home country make an appearance.

"I love the parade of nations. I just wish the US was officially America, the United States of," tweeted Barbara B. Nixon.

Others, like Twitter user "Proper Kid Problems," were apparently waiting all night just to see Team USA and nothing more.

"Now that the USA has gone, the opening ceremony isn't as exciting anymore," he tweeted.

NBC Olympics commentator Bob Costas, whose commentary had been criticized by many viewers, noted as Team USA made their entrance that their uniforms were designed by Ralph Lauren and manufactured in China, which had caused a small controversy.

"Way to look French with your berets and scarves, USA! Oh and your clothes made in Chia," commented Linz Loves‏.

Some viewers simply thought Team USA's uniforms were dreadful.

"Is it me or does Team USA look like a bunch of flight attendants?" tweeted Judy Gold ‏about American athletes' uniforms.

"These USA Olympic opening ceremony uniforms are dreadful," tweeted Liris Crosse.

As Team USA made their way into the stadium, first lady Michelle Obama and NBA star Grant Hill could be seen cheering them on. GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and his wife were also present at the stadium.

The United States has 529 athletes competing for gold, silver and bronze medals at the 2012 Summer Games in London.

LeBron James, who was seen with his iPhone rolling, uploaded an image of and teammates before entering the stadium.

(Photo: Twitter/@KingJames)LeBron James ‏(@KingJames) tweeted during the Opening Ceremony: "Me with one of the best the game of basketball has to offer."