Usain Bolts From Girlfriend for Olympic Gold: No 'Distractions'

Usain Bolt left his girlfriend for Olympic gold- or at least, for the pursuit of it. The Jamaican runner thought his now-ex-girlfriend, Slovakian fashion designer Lubica Slovak, would be a "distraction."

Usain bolted from his girlfriend for his Olympic training schedule to be free of all disruptions leading up to the Summer Olympic Games in London, England. Although it was reported in Jamaica that the split between the two had been mutual, some speculated that Bolt had broken things off because of his determination to win.

"He will have plenty of time for relationships," an insider close to Bolt told U.K. publication The Sun. "At the moment he's concentrating on his running career and doesn't want anything to distract from that."

The news of the happy couple's break-up comes after controversy arose that Bolt was dating a white woman. The Jamaican sprinter and Olympic gold medalist was harangued by various media outlets when a picture of the two was published of them kissing last month.

Slovak, 28, was originally from Canada, but moved to Jamaica and met Bolt in 2011. After the two were introduced by a mutual friend, the romance grew from there. Bolt and Slovak never courted celebrity, however: the couple was always "very comfortable together" privately, according to Daily Mail.

While the two were together, friends defended the couple and their happiness from criticism.

Now, if Bolt wants to replicate his success at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing- he won three gold medals in the 100-meter, 200-meter, and 400-meter relay- he'll have to buckle down. Perhaps Slovak understood that, as well.

"It was a mutual decision between two adults," a source told The Sun.

Bolt will have to defend his title as the world's fastest runner, and he also seeks to break his own records. To that end, his camp refuses to distract him with talk about relationships.

"We don't comment on athletes' private lives," his agent, Ricky Simms, said of the incident.