Vegas Shooting Suspect Named, Picture Released by Police (PHOTO)

The Vegas shooting suspect responsible for killing rapper Ken Cherry has been officially named by police. Ammar Harris, 26, also known as Ammar Asim Faruq Harris, is considered armed and dangerous, police stated.

Harris got into an argument with Cherry and later shot him while the two were driving on the Las Vegas Strip, according to The Los Angeles Times. The shooting caused a car crash that claimed the lives of a taxi driver and his passenger. Harris has a police record that includes kidnapping, sexual assault, and possession of a gun.

"That's just in our jurisdiction," Las Vegas police spokesman Marcus Martin told The Times. "He has a habit of not appearing in court, too."

Harris' Range Rover was found abandoned on Saturday and police have impounded it, hoping to find more evidence. Of course, that means that Harris has fled and is either on foot, hiding out somewhere, or has taken another vehicle to escape.

"My son was a good boy," Kenneth Cherry Sr. told reporters at a press conference. "My son was a victim just like the two people in that taxi. Trouble found him. The people in the taxicab, trouble found them."

Police have released a photo of Harris in order to gain help from the public.

The incident happened just days after another man went on a shooting and carjacking spree in California. That incident left four people dead in a matter of 25 minutes. The community was left in shock, as are those in the area where the Las Vegas shooting occurred.

"This doesn't happen where we come from, not on this scale," witness Mark Thomas told the Daily Mail. "We get stabbings and gang violence, but this is like something out of a movie … like 'Die Hard' or something."

"What happened on the Strip today will not be tolerated," Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie told The Times. "There are no absolutes when people's behavior is in question."