Veteran's Day - A day to honor those whose sacrifice made our freedom possible

Veteran’s Day is a day America honors the men and women who have served in the U.S. armed forces. Parades are held and families and friends visit the grave of their fallen loved ones. Through their sacrifice, the American people have been able to continue living with the same freedom they had since the founding of this country, if not more so.

Perhaps, the Christians are the most grateful for the work of the American troops in defending the country. Without this freedom, how could the Gospel have been able to be absorbed into the country’s founding roots? Thanks to the freedom, Christians can freely preach and worship without experiencing the type of persecution pervasive in other parts of the world.

On another level, Veteran’s Day can also serve as a reminder to Christians of the sacrifices that gave us freedom in Christ. All the matyrs, saints, and disciples who have suffered to laid the foundation of the Christian faith also deserve to be honored and remembered for being soldiers of the cross. And of course, most of all, Veteran’s Day can also be a day we thank our Lord Jesus Christ. Like many soldiers shed their sweat and blood to protect the freedom of this country, Jesus Christ shed his blood, sweat, and tears for the liberation of mankind.

For U.S. soldiers and soldiers of the cross, we salute you for your courage and immeasurable sacrifice.