'Virgin Tales' Explores Community of Believers Who Abstain Before Marriage (VIDEO)

There is a new documentary on TV that will run counter to series such as "Teen Mom," "16 & Pregnant," and "Pregnant and Dating." "Virgin Tales" is set to air later this month and explore a community of believers who have no physical intimacy before marriage.

The documentary focuses on the lives of the Wilson family, founders of the Purity Ball, and their seven children. The Purity Ball is an annual event where fathers and daughters make pledges to one another to remain chaste before marriage. Daughters will often not have any physical contact with a partner until they exchange wedding vows.

"It's interesting not just with the physical aspect but also a psychological and certainly these days, there is a political aspect to it," director Mirjam von Arx told Fox News. "I was astonished to learn how many people there are that are sharing their beliefs, and not only in America, but there is a movement gaining strength even abroad, like in Europe. A lot of parents say their kids are a lot more conservative than when they were young."

"The Bible lays the responsibility of protecting daughters at the feet of their fathers," the message on the Purity Ball's website states. "We desire to charge men to take up this mantle of responsibility!"

The 2012 Purity Ball featured Miss America 2011, Teresa Scanlan. Scanlan works on behalf of many charities and organizations, hoping to make a difference in the world. She is a strong believer and hopes to become President of the United States or a Supreme Court Justice and use her faith to make godly changes to the positions.

"With this family (the Wilson family), they really held the men to the same standards, and they are sincere about doing the right thing and honor the women and keep themselves pure. I was very surprised," von Arx said. "But we really wanted to do an observational film, and I didn't want to go and make fun of them or put my opinion on top and tell our audience what to think."

"Virgin Tales" airs July 23 on Showtime.

Watch the trailer for the film HERE: