'Wentworth' Season 5 New Teaser Clip Leaked; Show to Premiere Before May

Australian prison drama series "Wentworth" released a first-look teaser clip for its upcoming fifth season. The clip is said to be released by Showcase, a subsidiary of Foxtel Networks, but it was shared online by a Twitter user named @rabeisqueen.

No release date is specified yet for "Wentworth" season 5, but fans expect that the show might premiere around March but not later than May.

Facebook/wentworthtvJoan begins her reign in the next season of "Wentworth."

Nevertheless, the teaser shows a wall with a heart drawn on it and the names "BSmith" and "Allie Novak" written inside it, along with lots of roses. An unknown person's hand is also seen holding a rose and before the clip ends, a voice says, "Love never dies."

"BSmith" obviously stands for Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack), the show's main character who died last season after a violent confrontation with another inmate, Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe), who is believed to have initiated the attempted murder of Allie Novak (Kate Jenkinson).

Allie, on the other hand, was Bea's lover who almost died from drug intoxication last season.

Fans speculate that these major events of the show will be picked up right away at the start of season 5, and it is further assumed that Allie will make a strong comeback.

Naturally, Allie will now avenge Bea's death, but will she succeed? Things might be hard for her, especially now that Joan is speculated to be the top jailbird after successfully killing Bea.

In a previous interview with After Ellen, Jenkinson shared that the producers had explained Bea's death was necessary to steer the show into the right direction. "I think it's a really brave choice for the producers to have made," she says.

Many fans are dismayed and still in shock about Bea's death, but Jenkinson explained that "the Wentworth world is not safe." She adds: "No one is safe, even if you're Top Dog."

According to speculations, there is also a possiblity that Allie's mission for revenge will fail, and like her lover, she will also die in the hands of Joan.

Jenkinson, however, only said that fans just need to wait and see what the outcome could be. "Personally, I like watching television that takes risks, and I feel like that's what we've done here," she adds.