What Would Jesus Say to Your Church?

 If Jesus walked into your church this weekend, what do you think He would say? Would He primarily affirm the good things going on, or would the bulk of our Lord's comments likely be corrective in nature? In reality, His words would probably include both affirmations and corrections. That's at least the way He did it with seven churches at the end of the first century.

The revelation which our Lord gave the apostle John on the island of Patmos was instructive and insightful on multiple levels. Seven churches in seven cities of Asia Minor were each given a special letter from Christ, and each letter addressed issues going on in that particular church.

Imagine a parent, for example, writing seven different letters to seven different children. Each letter would obviously address things unique to that child. Likewise, Jesus loved each of the seven churches because these were people for whom He died. And each church needed to hear words from their Lord which "comforted the afflicted" and "afflicted the comfortable."

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