Who turned Mike in? – To be revealed slowly when 'Suits' Season 5 returns in January 2016

The midseason finale of "Suits" Season 5 had a shocker. Mike was arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud. Although everyone knew it was coming, fans want to know who gave up Mike's secret? Who snitched on him? Rachel and Harvey are both affected by Mike's arrest. 'Suits" will return in late January 2016 and air the remaining six episodes with episode no. 11 titled "Blowback."

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There are many suspects and the number of speculations is growing by the day. Showrunner Aaron Korsh said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, "In real life you might never know who did it. The bigger question is: What are we going to do about it? But after being presented that question by a hundred different people it's like, 'OK. I guess we need to explore this thing'. We're not going to find out in [episode 11], but we will find out down the line."

Now that we know the snitch is not going to be revealed in episode no. 11, viewers might as well make their own list.

The first suspect or pair of suspects is Rachel's well-to-do parents, the Zanes. They were preparing for Rachel's and Mike's wedding and had invited important people for the occasion. It is quite possible that Rachel's parents had caught on to Mike's secret. They would obviously not want their daughter to get married to a fraudster. To save their daughter's future, they must have exposed him.

Next could be Jenny Griffith, Mike's ex-girlfriend who is bitter that Mike chose Rachel over her. She might also be married to Mike's childhood friend, Trevor, though this has not been revealed.

Fans also suspect Daniel Hardman. He is prepared to go to any lengths to ruin Jessica, Harvey and Louis and giving up Mike is the best he could do right now.

A bit farfetched but still a suspect is Lola Jensen, the biologist at Columbia University who appeared in Season 1 and fraudulently got Mike a fake Harvard Diploma. Maybe Lola got caught and she made a deal to give up Mike and get out of the mess herself.

Lastly, there is the righteous Father Sam Walker who might turn Mike in if he thought a stint in jail would do Mike a whole lot good.

Korsh told Reality Today that "Suits" Season 5 Episode 11 titled, "Blowback" will provide answers about Mike's arrest but will not reveal who the culprit is right away. Rachel and Harvey will have a difficult time dealing with Mike's arrest. The rest of the episodes will also focus on Mike's time in jail and how he deals with it.

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