Why Millennial Guys Must Care About the 'War on Women'

"You're a racist f--ing male that doesn't stand for women's rights!," screamed a pro-abortion activists at young men leading a peaceful pro-life demonstration in downtown Columbus on July 9, 2014. A YouTube video captures the irate abortion supporter verbally attacking Seth Drayer, Created Equal's Director of Training, saying, "No uterus. No right to talk about it."

If you are against abortion or tax-payer funded contraception, then you are waging a so-called "War on Women." No right to talk about it. Men should stay out of women's business, they say. This is a major falsehood that liberals constantly tell men. But as Christians and future husbands and fathers, women need men to engage in the "war on women" debate.

Guys, here's why.

Ladies don't need fairytale knights in shining armor. Most of us recognize this is not reality, nor a Biblical depiction of marriage. While we don't need you to slay any dragons on our behalf, we could use your help thwarting the physical and verbal attacks hoisted on women (and unborn children) in the name of abortion and contraception.

First, the "War on Women" hurts, not helps us ladies.

 This "war" measures our worth based on our ability to regulate our reproductive organs. It insults our intelligence by assuming our socioeconomic concerns revolve around birth control. In reality, the women I know care just as much about job growth, free market enterprise, illegal immigration crises, and foreign affairs as the men in our lives. Finally, it assumes that conservative women who don't buy into the "War on Women" rhetoric are either brainwashed or ignorant.

Trust me, a 26-year old woman, when I tell you that the "War on Women" is demeaning and counterproductive to furthering women's rights.

According to Ephesians 5:25-30, God has called men to treat women-namely their wives-as they would care for their own bodies: with care and protection. Well guys, here's your chance to employ those innate desires to act as a protector. Engage in the "war on women" debate with passion, love and respect alongside us ladies.

Passion is important, but compassion is key. As you can see in the video linked above, the lady hurling insults and attacks towards the pro-life men was deeply passionate about her support of abortion. Likely her emotions stem deeper than simple political preferences. When engaging in this debate, you come face to face with women who have either contemplated abortion for a multitude of reasons. Or you meet post-abortive women still struggling to cope with the loss, depression or pain.

Engaging in the "war on women" requires sensitivity. Jessica Prol, Family Research Council's Managing Editor for Publications and is a member of the Board of Directors for the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center, explains, "a Christ-like leader will actually sit down with the woman, like Jesus did with the adulterous woman at the well. He will seek to understand her story. He will care to discern how the raw and ragged edges of her story affect her ability to understand and follow the Savior."

Second, God's absolute truths are obscured in the "war on women" debate.

Every single one of you who has studied the Scriptures knows that deception must be uprooted. The Apostle Paul instructed, "[R]eprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching. For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth" (2 Timothy 4:2-4). Don't stay out of the fight because your gender makes you feel inadequate. Male or female, all followers of Christ are called to speak up for truth in public.

If you're thinking, okay Chelsen, but what does engaging in the war on women look like? Great question!

You don't have to change career paths and move to Washington D.C. or have daily social media battles to dispel the "war on women" falsehoods. Just look at the example of the pro-life young men demonstrating in downtown Columbus. They boldly defended God's truths by speaking up on behalf of unborn life and expectant mothers' worth. They made themselves vulnerable by standing in the middle of their community to speak up for a "women's issue." They were sensitive by remaining respectful, yet adamant for life when approached by hostile opposition. This is what engaging looks like.

Debating the "war on women" is a challenge. Requirements include defense and boldness as well as vulnerability and sensitivity. Yes, that will be hard and surely will earn you harsh criticisms. But isn't that every Christian's challenge? To defend others and truth against the injustice, pain and darkness of this world? Join in the debate, guys. You will be surprised how many of us ladies welcome your voice.

Chelsen Vicari serves as the Evangelical Program Director for the Institute on Religion and Democracy. She earned her Masters of Arts in Government from Regent University and frequently contributes to conservative outlets. Follow her on twitter @ChelsenVicari.

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