Wii Mini Console Finally Unveiled by Nintendo

Nintendo finally unveiled the long rumored Wii Mini console this week.

This smaller, more compact version of the Wii system is cheaper than the current model and will be available on Dec. 7. It will come packaged with a red Wii Remote Plus and a Nunchuk controller.

This version of the console is flat-rested so it can fit more nicely into a wall unit. The original Wii's design was more for vertical lovers who enjoyed the old school computer tower-like feel.

The Wii Mini sports a cherry red-like color with a black top that appears to flip open like the original PlayStation console.

It will be launched as a Canada exclusive at first, and might be available in other countries in the near future. Nintendo has not confirmed a release for the device anywhere else as of today.

The system will retail for $99.

Nintendo released the successor to the Wii, the Wii U gaming console earlier this month.

The new system launched on Nov. 18 and it retails for $300. It also launched in a deluxe version that costs $350.

The deluxe version will be black instead of white and comes with more memory, a charging stand, and the game "Nintendo Land."

The Wii U's launch marks the first major release for Nintendo since the original Wii in 2006. The new version features a touch-screen tablet-like controller called the Wii U gamepad and it can play games for the original Wii as well.

The $300 basic version features 8GB of internal memory, a gamepad, a sensor bar, and HDMI cable. The $349 Deluxe edition comes with 32GB internal memory and access to the Deluxe Digital Promotion that earns online shoppers rebates for downloadable Wii U titles.