Wii U Price Drops to Just $200 in New Sale

The Wii U sales have been less than impressive since the console's initial launch, and that has seemingly led to a big price drop in recent weeks.

The latest Wii U deal comes through the official Nintendo store as the system can be purchased in a bundle with the Nintendo Land game for just $200. The only catch is that customers will have to buy this model refurbished. These repackaged versions normally sell for $250.

This is still a good deal as most Wii U bundles worth purchasing normally start at $300 and refurbished products are just as good if not better than new models since whatever problems they had were repaired by Nintendo.

This bundle includes the black Wii U console, the GamePad, Nintendo Land game disc, AC adapter, an HDMI cable and the Sensor Bar. It also comes with the Nintendo Land game.

Nintendo hopes to boost interest in the Wii U by offering an app for Android-based smartphone users in the near future.

The company's Satoru Iwata announced earlier this year that Nintendo was looking into a new business structure that would incorporate smart devices. Many originally thought full games would be a part of this strategy, but it appears that the company will go another route.

A new report from Japanese business newspaper Nikkei states that that Nintendo will introduce a free app that includes information on new games such as videos and character profiles along with some mini games.

The mini games are said to be playable demos of Wii U or 3DS games, however, full versions will only be available for the actual consoles. The company hopes to entice players with the app and boost overall sales. This will also allow Nintendo to infiltrate many of its competitors as smartphones and tablets have hurt the company's handheld sales significantly in recent years.