Will Ferrell Mustache: Anchorman 2 Star Grows Ron Burgundy Facial Hair [PHOTO, TRAILER]

Sightings of Will Ferrell's mustache has ramped up excitement for the sequel of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Ferrell was recently spotted an art show in Miami Beach sporting the bushy mustache that has become the signature look of his Anchorman character.


Splash News Online has published fresh photos of the Will Ferrell mustache while the actor was attending an art show. His white and grey mustache matched the color of his curly locks.

The lead actor of Anchorman 2 said his bushy 'stache is not just a movie prop.

"Is that mustache real?'" he said in an ABC News interview. "Of course, I say, 'Yes, why would I be wearing a fake mustache?' I mean, why would I be walking around wearing a fake mustache?"

Of course, when Ferrell plays the oily anchorman Ron Burgundy in his upcoming movie, Ferrell's mustache in Achorman will be dyed a reddish color to match with the character's hair.

A teaser trailer for "Anchorman: The Legend Continues," which remains under tight wraps, shows Ferrell channeling the Southernness of Burgundy, donning a polished hairdo, and proudly wearing his famous mustache. Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, and David Koechner also appear in the trailer for the anticipated sequel.

In Anchorman 2, Burgundy learns to adjust the his changing duties as on-camera journalist. He not only has to deliver breaking news but must now also do celebrity interviews. Christina Applegate, who played Burgundy's love interest in the hit movie, is also expected to return.

Kristen Wiig, known for her work on "Saturday Night Live" is rumored to be potentially joining the cast. She has appeared in "Bridesmaids."

Anchorman: The Legend Continues is due to be released October 2013.