Will Ferrell to Lead New Movie 'Swear to God'

One of America’s most popular comedy actors Will Ferrell will be sprucing up the silver screen with some spirituality.

Warner Bros. has recently purchased a pitch for a new film called “Swear to God” and comedic sensation Will Ferrell is being cast in the lead role.

Ferrell will play the role of a “narcissistic hedge manager” that has a run in with God.

The movie will be written by Due Date writers Alan Cohen and Allen Freeman and is said to be “a buddy comedy.”

Deadline originally broke the news that Ferrell’s Gary Sanchez Productions partner Adam McKay will be producing, but McKay’s representatives later denied that he had signed the contract.

A release date has not been set for the film just yet since the script is still being written. However, Ferrell from popular films such as Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery; A Night at the Roxbury; Superstar; and Ladies Man among others, is sure to draw a big box office for the movie.