William, Kate and George Escape to Bucklebury for Three Weeks

Princes William and George, along with new-mom Kate Middleton, are reportedly staying at her parents' home in Bucklebury for the next three weeks in order to avoid the press. The couple left for the Middleton residence just one day after bringing baby George home.

"This is now private and quiet time for them to get to know their son," a palace official told Us Weekly.

They will certainly have plenty of privacy, given that a full police barricade has been set up around the family home and a helicopter is constantly surveying the area for trespassers. William and Kate have not hired a nanny or anyone to help them with the baby but instead are relying on Carole Middleton, Kate's mom, to help show them the ropes.

The Middletons were the first to visit the new family at St. Mary's Hospital, and William has always maintained a close relationship with his in-laws. Since their new home is not yet ready, it makes perfect sense for them to spend time with loved ones, in a much more private location where they can just be themselves.

William and Kate are expected to return to Kensington Palace after their time at Bucklebury, and William will have to make a decision about whether to continue with the Royal Air Force's Search and Rescue unit. If he doesn't, he could begin working as a royal full-time. He has given no indication as to what he might decide but is instead focused fully on his new son and wife.

William is the first royal to actually take paternity leave and spend a great deal of time out of the public eye with his family. His crewmates and other members of the Royal Air Force's Search and Rescue Unit posted a video of themselves wishing William all the best upon the birth of baby George. They made it clear they are eager to see their crewmate again but want him to enjoy his paternity leave.