Willie Nelson and the Lesson of Failed Marriages

Willie Nelson, the legendary country musician, has framed himself as an "outlaw." He flaunted the conventional norms of the Nashville music industry, and even, legend says, smoked marijuana in the Carter White House. He's less of an outlaw, though, when he talks about the sadness of his failed marriages. There's something in the way he speaks about divorce that I think resonates across culture today, something we need to hear.

Nelson married his first wife when he was eighteen and has been married, repeatedly, ever since. As a matter of fact, he once was married (accidentally, he says) in the 1970s to two women at one time. Even so, Nelson reveals to his biographer that he doesn't believe there's such a thing as an ex-wife.

"There is no such thing as an ex-wife, there are only additional wives," Nelson says. "It's an accumulation."

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