Woman Jumps to Escape Wrestler Husband, Dies

A champion arm wrestler is being held without bail, charged with the manslaughter of his wife, who authorities say jumped out of a second-story window to escape him.

According to police, his wife Lisa Stilkey, 44, jumped out of the window to flee her husband after a violent disagreement Thursday night. According to reports, she threw a pillow down first to try and break her fall, and then proceeded to jump out of the window of their Douglas, Mass., home.

Allen Stilkey, 40, was arraigned just before 8:00 p.m. in Uxbridge District Court in Massachusetts, pleading not guilty to charges of manslaughter, battery, assault and threat to commit a crime, WFXT-TV reported.

Lisa Stikely was taken to the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester suffering from extreme injuries, and was pronounced dead early Friday. Outside the courthouse Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. said her autopsy showed "various bruising and severe injuries, including many rib injuries."

Just before jumping Stikley reportedly made a frightened call to her son. "(The son) heard Mr. Stilkey say, 'When you get off the phone, I'm going to kill you,'" Early said.

According to reports she told told her son, "If I'm dead, he did it." Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. said when Stilkey was arrested, it appeared as if he had been consuming alcohol.

In 1995 Stilkey was the International Arm Wrestling Federation's Arm Wrestler of the Year, champion left-handed wrestler in the 199-220 pound weight division.

Over the weekend he was held on $500,000 bail, and his lawyer says his client was not to blame for his wife's death. Just before her death, Early says a $250,000 life insurance police had been taken out on Lisa Stikely and passport photos had been updated. The couple had only been married for two years.