Woman Living in Cancun Airport for 7 Days: Officials Fear Mental Illness

Airport officials have become concerned over a woman who has been living in a Cancun airport for more than a week.

Marcela Silvia Montano Mancera has been eating, sleeping and bathing at the Cancun airport for more than seven days. In a real life tale of the Tom Hank's film- "The Terminal" - it would appear that Mancera is unable to leave. But that is not the case. Mancera is a Mexican citizen with a valid passport. She has also been seen withdrawing cash from multiple ATM's.

There are few other explanations for why Mancera has failed to leave the airport, but officials are beginning to feel concern. They believe it is possible that Mancera is suffering from a mental illness.

"She looks like a regular passenger at first glance, people don't look at her, but we have seen her every day. ... We are not doctors, but it's obvious that she has problems, some of my co-workers tried to speak with her, but at times it seems as if she loses it," an airline worker told News Corp Australia.

Authorities have attempted to reach out to Mancera's family, but those attempts have been unsuccessful. A "routine inspection" verified that Mancera, 45, is carrying a valid passport. She has been in the airport since June 30th according to the Herald Sun.

While Mancera does not bother employees or other customers at the airport, it appears that she has been talking to herself in both English and Spanish, a Federal police officer stated.

Released in 2004, "The Terminal" is a film partially inspired by the 17-year-stay of Mehran Karimi Nasseri in the Charles de Gaulle International Airport, in Paris, France from 1988 to 2006. Nasseri was denied entry into the United States but prevented from returning to his home country because they were in the midst of a revolution.