Woman Who Couldn't Stop Growing Dies: 7 Foot Tanya Angus - 'God Decided I Could Handle It' (PHOTO)

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(Photo: YouTube/Action News)Tanya Angus died after suffering from a condition that meant she could not stop growing.

A woman who couldn't stop growing has died on Monday in Las Vegas at the age of just 34.

When Tanya Angus died she had grown to 7 feet 2 inches; she suffered from a rare condition called gigantism, which means she continued to grow even beyond the age that most others stop. She died on Monday after suffering from a severe cold.

The formal name of the condition the woman suffered from was "acromegaly." The condition meant that she went from a 5 foot 8 inch teenager taking part in fashion shows, to more than 7 feet tall. Her facial appearance also changed drastically over time due to the condition, according to reports.

After doctors investigated her condition they explained that it had been caused by a non-cancerous tumor growth in her brain. The tumor was on her pituitary gland, and caused her to continue growing.

The condition also meant that as well as growing in length, the woman put on weight very quickly. She reportedly nearly doubled her weight in a short space of time due to acromegaly.

The debilitating condition became worse and worse and even conducting every day tasks proved to become more and more difficult. She required assistance to put on her over-sized clothes - her mother has said, "There's nothing made for giants."

Her mom, Karen Strutynski, has also revealed that at one point her daughter had said to her: "Mom, I don't know why I got it. But I guess God decided that I could handle it."

Angus became an advocate for a cure for the condition, and went on to appear on a number of chat shows. Doctors also managed to control her hormone levels following a number of surgeries.

However, Angus passed away this week, after suffering from a severe cold, and it is thought that her condition had caused a tear to appear on her heart.

The precise cause of death has not yet been determined, and an autopsy is planned for confirm what caused her death.

Here is a video report of Tanya Angus' death: