Womb Transplant Baby: Woman Born Without Womb Pregnant? (VIDEO)

Derya Sert may become the world's first woman to fall pregnant after receiving a womb transplant.

Sert, 22, is a married housewife from Turkey. She was also born without a womb. In 2011, doctors attempted to resolve this issue and Sert became the first woman to undergo a womb transplant; a dead donor provided the womb. After waiting for 18 months, doctors then decided to begin fertility treatment.

It was announced Friday that Sert may now be pregnant. While it is still too soon to tell, hospital spokeswoman Fusun Bas told the Associated Press that early test results were "consistent with the expected signs of pregnancy." She refrained, however, from declaring a pregnancy just yet.

Last week doctors implanted Sert's new womb with an egg fertilized by her husband's semen. The procedure was carried out by Professor Omer Ozkan at Akdeniz University in Antalya, Turkey.

An estimated 15,000 women in Britain were born without or forced to surgically remove their womb due to medical reasons, according to the Daily Mail. If Sert's pregnancy is a success, the treatment could be made available to other women as well within the next couple of years.

"If I had a magic wand, I would want to be pregnant now. I just want to hold my baby in my arms, to be a mother," Sert said in a previous interview, according to Daily Mail.

Other women showed support for the procedure, advocating that all women should have the chance to experience the miralce of birth.

"I sincerely hope she's becomes a mother and has the wonderful opportunity to experience her baby inside her belly," one woman wrote on the Mail Online blog.

"Wow congrats to you you deserve to be a mother hope you both are ok and have a good health always..god bless," wrote another.