Women Ministers Want Leadership Training, Says Injoy Director

Women in ministry want leadership training, said Renee Scobel, director of women's ministry at Injoy Ministries. Injoy is a ministry of leadership expert and bestselling author, Dr. John Maxwell.

Women in ministry want leadership training, according to Renee Scobel, director of the women's ministry at Injoy Ministries.

On the occasion of a conference for women, "Live THRiVE! Simulcast," which broadcasted to 25-30 thousand women on Nov. 12, Scobel spoke to The Christian Post about the need for leadership training and materials in women's ministries.

"It's starting to grow, and it's big. There's a huge need for women to develop their leadership skills and to be trained," said Scobel, 36.

Since she joined the staff three years ago, Injoy Ministries has begun producing the National Gathering of Women in Ministry each year, her response to a need to train women for ministry.

"Gifted women are very rarely trained," she said. "We felt [the new conference] was essential. We need strong leadership training. We're looking for new, innovative, and cutting ways to influence women. We're equipping women to live their best lives whether it be in ministry, profession, or in the home; all the different areas for women."

Women's conferences has traditionally been about experiencing grace, hope, and uplifting teachings of faith, she said, but Injoy applies those teachings in daily life that leads and influences others, including at the THRiVE! Simulcast.

"We really feel that what Thrive is doing is differentiating itself among women's ministries because we want to bring women to the next level. Bring them to the next step," she said.

The theme for Injoy's THRiVE! Simulcast was also on leadership: "leading a life of significance."

The reason why "leading" was chosen rather than "living," she explained, is because living as a significant person in God's eyes is a given.

Simulcasting the event allowed women to receive great training but remain plugged into a local church. One of the things Injoy tries to do is to bring women back to the church, she says.

Women from 300 churches across the United States, plus 20 churches in Canada, and a church in Mexico City participated.

The potential is there for simulcast technology to make a great impact in the world in terms of training ministry leaders and giving them pastoral resources, she said, just like radio and television had a great impact on evangelism.

"The ability for us to spread the Gospel across the earth has significantly rapidly increased because of the technology we've had," she said. "I think in the same way, our ability to bring training and equipping is going to be significantly increased in the 5-10 years."

Scobel believes that secular feminism has destroyed a woman's freedom in choosing what she can be. Instead, women are conditioned to become men. The future of women's ministry is in allowing women to pursue their full potential, she said.

"We've taught women to think like men, instead of being who they are and who they are created to be," she said.

"Whatever the role, her life in Christ will overflow in a ministry to family and loved ones."

As a ministry of leadership expert and bestselling author Dr. John Maxwell, Injoy communicates to more than a million people each year through scheduled events, audio and video resources.