Woolly Mammoth Cloned? Spotted in Siberia (VIDEO)

A recent video of a Wooly Mammoth crossing the Siberian River has given many cause to stir, wondering whether the once extinct mammal could still be live and well. Some have taken to refuting the credibility of the video while others have theorized that the mammal is actually a clone of his pre-historic ancestors.

Evidence used to refute the video suggests that the video is too short, the current of the river is wrong, it took too long for the video to be released, and perhaps what is most skeptical is that the footage was taken by a Paranormal writer, Michael Cohen.

Some have speculated that the video is actually of a bear while others are considering that the video itself is completely fake. After watching the video blogger Kecia Stewart of Animal house said, "I was going to go with bear with fish," but then said, "notice how the river wake follows the legs."


"You can really notice it when the video zooms in. I do see a hint of tusks when zoomed in, so I'm going with video of an African elephant added to the river video," she said.

Others have suggested that the footage was intentionally made blurry. "Why are all these videos (bigfoot, lochness, add any mythical creature) always out of focus?" Jorge F. Jorge questioned on the Huffington Post blog. "Because if they werent we could actually (see) what it is and there would be no mystery," Stephen Pagnoni Sr. answered.

In December, Discovery news reported that scientists were considering an attempt to clone the Wooly Mammoth, however they said it was a process that would take up to five years. "Within five years, a woolly mammoth will likely be cloned, according to scientists who have just recovered well-preserved bone marrow in a mammoth thigh bone," Discovery news reported.