Work Builds God's Kingdom

 Here on BreakPoint, our goal is to help you live out a consistently Christian worldview, not just on Sundays at church, but Monday through Friday at work-and even Saturdays.

But as easy as this is to say, it's much harder to put into practice. Every day we're tempted to embrace a dualistic worldview, one that neatly divides some of our experiences into what we call "sacred" or "spiritual," and the rest into what we call "secular."

Of course, there's been a lot of growth in our Christian understanding of work over the last several decades, but often it doesn't quite go far enough. Many of us grasp that the workplace is not just where we earn money but also a place of ministry. And it's also very important to know why. We get that we need to be ethical on the job, that we need to reach out evangelistically to our friends and colleagues, and that we're to glorify God by pursuing vocational excellence. That's all good-very good-but there's even more good news about our vocations.