World Evangelical Alliance Calls for Int'l Action for Darfur

The World Evangelical Alliance has called on its members to observe the Global Day for Darfur next month and to participate in weeklong events leading up to the day of support for Darfurians.

"We cannot save the 400,000 whom we have already lost, but we can prevent further loss of life for the millions living on the cusp of death, battling starvation and militia attacks," said Geoff Tunnicliffe, International Director of the WEA, in a statement released on Friday. "The evangelical Christian community worldwide must show its compassion and demonstrate its faith by responding to this crisis."

The WEA head was among several prominent Christian leaders invited to speak at the Save Darfur Rally at Washington’s National Mall in April alongside other religious leaders, human rights activists, politicians, athletes and actors.

The genocide in the western Darfur region has left some 400,000 people dead and some 2.5 million displaced as ongoing violence continues between the government’s proxy Janjaweed militia and ethnic minority rebels.

The Global Day for Darfur on Sept. 17 and the Sept. 8-15 Week of Prayer and Action hope to see humanitarian and religious groups raise awareness on the situation and support the people of Darfur.

“We hope all of our members will demonstrate their faith in Jesus Christ by participating throughout the week and on the Global Day for Darfur,” said Tunnicliffe. “Our faith and prayer can serve as an inspiration to those suffering in Darfur.”

Millions of people worldwide are expected to hold services and vigils throughout the week, calling on world leaders to pass a United Nations Security Council resolution authorizing a peacekeeping force in the region.

World Evangelical Alliance is made up of 127 national evangelical alliances located in 7 regions and 104 associate member organizations.