World Smile Day Celebrated Today

Friday has arrived with World Smile Day and people all over the globe are celebrating with smiles and acts of kindness.

Observed on the first Friday in October every year, the holiday acknowledges the smiley face as an internationally recognized symbol of goodwill and good cheer.

A commercial artist named Harvey Ball created the smiley face in Worcester, Mass. in 1963, according to

It was Ball that later came up with a World Smile Day as a day devoted to kindness around the world. The smiley face is recognized by all, no matter what politics, location, or faith one has, and World Smile Day has been celebrated since 1991.

Following Ball's death in 2001, the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation was created in his honor and also serves as World Smile Day's official sponsor each year.

The official website for the holiday advised: "Do an act of Kindness. Help one person smile!" and there are several ways to celebrate World Smile Day. This Friday, you can start by practicing eco-friendly behaviors or by doing something kind for a stranger.

Twitter users have shared their many observances of World Smile Day on Friday.

"Afternoon, it's world smile day today," wrote Rachel. "So here's a big happy smile from me to brighten your day, hope you're having a good one."

Windy City posted, "It's WORLD SMILE DAY!! So put on a happy face and share the joy with others today!"

"It's World Smile Day," started British Gas. "Smiling makes you instantly feel better and creates positive energy #factoftheday"

"Share your smiles and spread happiness & you can also submit a smile to help charities," wrote Susanna.

October plays host to a number of unusual but uplifting holidays, including International Frugal Fun Day this Saturday. Celebrated on the first Saturday in October each year, the holiday encourages people to save money and find more resourceful ways to have a good time.