World's First Lumpy Tablet: Magic Keyboard for Apple and Android? (VIDEO)

A technology company has introduced a new tablet that consists of bumpy keys that magically appear when users attempt to type.

Tactus is a technology company with a specific niche; they specialize in making buttons. These buttons aren't just ordinary ones though, they magically morph out of flat surfaces.

"Tactus provides a new dimension to touchscreens by enabling real, physical buttons that rise up from the surface on demand, and then recede back into the screen, leaving a perfectly flat, transparent surface when gone," the company explains on its website.

The company recently debuted one of its latest creations at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. What is it? A flat screen tablet with the ability to morph a out a keyboard when prompted. The keyboard appears whenever the user attempts to type something on the tablet and then reverts back to a flat screen when the user has finished. The idea is that the bumpy keys will make it easier for users to type, but their ability to disappear preserves the sleek appearance of a flat screen.

The screen was developed to replace the top screen on any device, making the technology a universal solution for those users who struggle with typing on a flat screen.

"Our Tactile Layerâ„¢ technology easily integrates with today's touchscreen-based devices (smart phones, tablets, personal navigation systems, gaming devices, etc.) by simply replacing the front layer of the display stack, known as the 'lens, 'window' or 'cover glass,'" the company explained on its site.

Users had a positive response to the company.

"This really seems amazing," user Alex Jones-Chick said on a Tech Crunch blog. "The possibilities with this, once the technology is perfected, are truly astounding."

Other users also questioned whether Braille would be the next step for the company.