Worlds Smallest Dog the Size of a Nail Polish Bottle? (PHOTO)

The world's smallest dog may have just gotten smaller. A competition is bound to ensue after a terrier was born weighing in at 1.58 ounces.

Meysi was born three months ago in Poland and was left in the care of Anna Pohl, who didn't think that the pup could make it. Because she was so small, Meysi required frequent feedings with a syringe, which cost Pohl hours of sleep.

"The worst was the first six weeks," Pohl told Gazeta Jarocinska, a local Polish paper. "[I got] zero sleep. I was feeding her day and night, every half hour. Sometimes I ran out of strength, had to call out of work."

But Pohl's long nights have paid off, and Meysi has continued to be a healthy dog. At three months old, she has grown to 3.25 ounces, although vets have said the she will not grow much more. No bigger than a bottle of nail polish, Meysi's small size may qualify her for the world record.

There are two other dogs, however, who are also competing for the title of smallest dog in the world.

Earlier this year, a pup named Beyonce was born; it was no bigger than a tablespoon at birth. At two weeks old she reached the size of an iPhone, and her survival was considered miraculous. At birth, she was not breathing and her heart was failing to pump, but she was revived after mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Beyonce is a dachshund mix who was abandoned by her owners and found living on the streets of San Bernardino, Calif.

Before her, there was Milly, a Chihuahua born in January that stood only three inches high at three months old.