Wrapped Up in Holiday Stress?

 The Christmas season is a time filled with family, friends, and traditions. It is also a time when, if not careful, we can get all wrapped up in the wrong things. Instead of experiencing peace on earth and goodwill toward men our plans and preparations for the "perfect family Christmas" wrap us up in knots.

A great exercise to keep your peace is to practice self-awareness. Stop and check in with yourself. Are you feeling anxious, stressed, frustrated, or disappointed? Are you experiencing peace or do you feel like you are wrapped up tighter than the package you sent to Aunt Martha? Next, ask why? What am I thinking about that is stirring my emotions? Is it true? Or is my imagination running away with me? Finally, redirect your thoughts. Peace is knowing that no matter what I'm okay because Jesus is Lord over everything. Peaceful people habitually surrender their thoughts and emotions to the Prince of Peace.

So what can we do to remain peaceful this Christmas?

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