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'WWE 2K17' Roster News, Rumors: Character Selections, Debuting Superstars, Chyna to Be Honored in Event

'WWE 2K17' Roster News, Rumors: Character Selections, Debuting Superstars, Chyna to Be Honored in Event

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With its reported arrival later this year, the "WWE 2K17" revamped roster has become the subject of rumors. Character selections are said to include Brie Bella, who had been retired from WWE Entertainment in the last WrestleMania 32. Others reportedly making the roster are Bray Wyatt and Alundra Blayze. Fans can also expect Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, as well as Bayley.

Bella had been scanned by the 2K developers because, as Sandeep Girl, the WWE 2K developer, pointed out, the Total Divas for the WWE 2K17 game had not been changed. Bella will continue to figure in the WWE events until her career is officially declared over, which means that the Divas are still expecting to arrange an event that would declare Bella's official retirement, complete with photo ops and a Q&A panel, as things are done on the WWE.

Superstars will also be making the roster for the upcoming WWE event. One of those will be a Wyatt family member, Braun Strowman. He is reportedly not the best as he is still learning the ropes, but he had recently made his debut in RAW by going for Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in August. He had not made it to the WWE 2K18 because his attack on Ambrose and Reigns came after the roster had already been made out. He is thought to make a useful set of muscles for tag or the royal rumble.

AJ Styles will also be joining, being one of the fastest superstars to rise in popularity as well as skill in the industry, judging by his increasing number of fans alongside an also growing roster of enemies. He is reported to be a good addition to the roster with his experience in the TNA as well as the Japan Championships.

Shinsuke Nakamura also made the roster for the much-anticipated WWE event. His reputation from the NXT TakOver for defeating Sami Zyan made it clear that be belonged on the "WWE 2K17" roster, even extending for another if he decides to perform in the same manner as he had shown during his debut.

Other superstars making their debut on the roster are Austin Aries, the WWE next new thing; American Alpha, a team of two good wrestlers; Asuka, the unstoppable, and Mauro Ranallo, the scanners choice despite not being a WWE superstar.

And despite some fans expressing grief over their inclusion, The Four Horsewomen are also in.

In related news, Chyna, known as the Ninth Wonder of the World in the 1990s universe, will be honored by adding her image on the roster. Chyna recently died in April 20 at the age of 46, shocking the wrestling world.

The coming out for the WWE 2K17 event is yet to be announced.


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