WWE Fan Leaks the Results of 38 Consecutive Matches

The WWE may have someone from within their company leaking the results of their predetermined matches as an Internet wrestling fan predicted 38 out of 38 wrestling matches correctly.

Reddit user Dolphins1925 regularly shares his results on the site and never fails regardless of pay-per-views or televised shows.

"I would like to clarify once again that I DO NOT work for WWE," he wrote on Reddit. "I am just a WWE fan like everyone else, and I am getting my information from a source who has VERY credible inside information regarding the outcomes (win/losses) of the matches themselves. Given that this information is out there, we both feel that I should continue to share this information until it garners the attention of WWE."

The fan has been right enough times to get the attention of the WWE, perhaps so they can investigate if they have an insider leaking that information publicly.

"We may have a modern day Nostradamus on our hands," WWE said in a joking statement. "We might have to monitor these posts in advance of our next pay-per-view to see how good he or she really is."

The latest in WWE controversy aside from the leaks, is the company being sued because of fireworks display that may have caused a fatal asthma attack.

During the 2008 Summer Slam event, Susan, Brodie, and Tyler Prim were enjoying themselves and watching the Undertaker wrestle when the fireworks went off. The WWE used pyrotechnics to light the ring on fire at the conclusion of the match. The WWE routinely uses pyrotechnics in its shows, usually without any problems. But soon after they began going off, Susan Prim began having difficulty breathing and eventually died from complications.

The family has filed suit against the city of Indianapolis, the WWE, and pyrotechnic and entertainment companies. As the suit continues, the Prim family is remaining silent, hoping that they will be able to get justice for their mother's death. The Indiana Court of Appeals sided with the Prim family this week and agreed that the list of defendants could stand, meaning that they could move ahead with their lawsuit.