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WWE Rumors: Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan Leadership Feud Could End Up In a Match

WWE Rumors: Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan Leadership Feud Could End Up In a Match

Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens in a Hell in a Cell match in October 2017. | Wikimedia Commons/By TheFoetus (Own work)

There are rumors that the feud between Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan over how things should run in SmackDown is getting worse, and some are suggesting that this could be resolved with a match in the ring.

McMahon and Bryan are the commissioner and general manager, respectively, for SmackDown Live. Although McMahon was the one who appointed Bryan to his position, they have not been in the best terms in the past few months.

With the growing rift between McMahon and Bryan, there have been speculations that it is highly possible for the two to settle their issues WWE-style, and that is through fighting it off in a wrestling match.

However, fans may recall that Bryan was forced to retire in early 2016 due to his injuries. This being the case, there are also some who suggest that a match might still ensue but another wrestler will fight McMahon in Bryan's behalf.

It was noted that Bryan and McMahon used to have a good working relationship in managing things at SmackDown. That was until the latter decided to ambush the RAW team, which was led by its own general manager, Kurt Angle, weeks ahead of the 2017 Survivor Series.

During an episode of RAW last October, McMahon led the SmackDown roster in attacking the unsuspecting RAW lineup. It served as a warning from McMahon's crew that they were determined to win the then-upcoming survivor series.

The ambush instigated by McMahon did not sit well with Bryan. In fact, the latter tried to make an effort and hash things out the following week. However, it was a move not welcomed by RAW wrestlers. Bryan was attacked by Kane, which sent SmackDown Live's GM to the hospital.

When Survivor Series arrived, McMahon ended up being the last person to be eliminated, thus, losing the match for the rest of the SmackDown roster.

McMahon and Bryan also reportedly do not see eye to eye on certain matters since the SmackDown commissioner wants to fire Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn -- a decision that Bryan does not agree with. 


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